Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Journal Every Day

This blog is inspired by Balzer Design's "Art Journal Every Day" project (see here).  
i've been most inspired by her encouragement to do only ten (10) minutes a day!

that sounds like something (1) doable;  yet (2) super-inspiring. 
Here's what she says:
"It's super low stress.  I don't do a finished art journal page every day.  That would be way too hard for me.  Instead I add a little something every day.  For me, the point is to open that art journal every single day and do something creative in it -- even if it's just for 10 minutes." 

Read more:
so, i'm going to take her up on the challenge!

starting with collecting my art journaling materials into a little box that i can keep near my work table (our dining table becomes my work table whenever it's free, especially late at night. :))

To begin art journaling, i'm going to read a further article by Balzer on the BASICS of Art Journaling here:
Welcome to Art Journaling Week!

She also encourages sharing the art journal with others through a blog or through a flickr account.  That's the reason for this blog. 

Balzer's final words of advice, and the part that finally convinced me:

"Finally, this is not about creating a finished product.  This is about taking time to nuture your creative self every single day."

Read more:

Let's hope i can get on it!

Watch for my next Art Journal Every Day post here!

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