Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Day - Ugu Bigyan's Pottery Place in Tiaong, Quezon

Last Friday we were with a group of guests, on our way to Sariaya, Quezon and wanted a nice place to stop by and have coffee.  Someone suggested Ugu Bigyan's pottery workshop/ shop/ coffee shop in Tiaong.

It wasn't easy to find.  Ugu (who we had the pleasure of conversing with, as he happened to be there) doesn't care much for droves of tourists crowding his place, so he opted not to put signs or directions anywhere.  Nor does he advertise.

Our friend just told us, "As soon as you get to Tiaong, ask people where you can find Ugu's place."  And that's exactly what we did.  It took us quite a few turns and quite a few times asking people along the road, and we finally found it. :)

one of several pottery workshops

Ugu has these birds in several pieces, mostly perching on cups or bowls, or on large driftwood pieces that can be hung on a wall or laid on a table!  Super charming!

one of several little "shops" displaying his work

one of many nooks and crannies, amidst little cottages with unique settings of fine warm wood furniture for coffee, meals and talk :)

lantern of rope and clay leaves

clay leaf curtains, by now an Ugu signature piece, adorned many of the cottages and shops

one of many many many beautiful pieces on an equally beautiful old wood table.  Ugu has exquisite taste for clay, wood, and other natural materials.

beautiful pathway around the little kiosks

view through the window of the kiosk we finally settled in.  note the warm wooden bench and the leaf curtains :)

coffee done, time to move on!  sorry we couldn't stay longer.
we promise to come by for a longer meal-and-coffee next time!

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